Unlocking Confidential Access to AI Tools and Tokenized Projects
Introducing Creon Pass, a limited collection of 9,999 unique NFTs that unlocks exclusive access to confidential AI tools and tokenized projects. With Creon Pass, NFT holders gain privileged access to AI tools, enabling business optimization and development. Each tool is reserved solely for the Creon Pass community, ensuring a distinctive advantage.
What sets Creon Pass apart is not only the access to AI tools, but also the opportunity to derive financial benefits from the redistributed profits generated by these tools. However, this benefit is activated only when the majority of NFT holders collectively decide to release the tool publicly. This unique model fosters community collaboration, decision-making, and the potential for shared profits. The first AI tool will be released to NFT holders after the minting of the Creon Pass.
In addition to the AI tools, Creon Pass holders have the prospect of allocating investments into exceptional tokenized AI tools through the Creon Launchpad. This offers early access to inspiring tokenized projects and real businesses based on AI, further expanding the opportunities available to Creon Pass holders.
Creon Pass represents an exclusive gateway to the world of AI tools and tokenized projects. Embrace the power of Creon Pass and become part of an elite community that unlocks the potential of AI advancements, profit-sharing opportunities, and innovative tokenized ventures. Join us on this exciting journey as we revolutionize the way AI and blockchain intersect.