Business Model

Profiting Through AI Innovation and Decentralization
Our operation is rooted in a genuine profit-generating business. We understand the market and recognize the immense opportunity that lies within a business founded on AI tools. As Creon, we champion decentralization and see an incredible opportunity in merging a business that profits from AI tools with the crypto and NFT market.
Creon generates profits by selling access to AI tools and operates with a dynamic, forward-thinking business model, continuously developing and investing in new AI tools. This ongoing innovation expands its portfolio and strengthens its market position. Despite the focus on growth and competitiveness, Creon remains committed to the principles of decentralization, transparency, and community engagement. It aims not only to build a successful business, but also to foster a sustainable ecosystem for AI and blockchain technologies.
Our business model also incorporates fostering the development of AI tools, helping them gain an audience, and running a comprehensive marketing campaign. By doing this, we’re ensuring that these tools - and the benefits they offer - reach as wide an audience as possible.
A unique aspect of our business model is the participation of NFT holders. They are not just passive investors; they are active participants in the growth and success of our business. Their involvement adds another layer of decentralization, transparency, and community-driven growth to our business, further setting us apart from traditional models.